aimspic2Relocating your office?  Preparing your office for a successful move takes planning. Accurate installations & Moving Services (AIMS) works to help to reduce the downtime of a business relocation. AIMS works to prepare a plan for a fast and smooth relocation. Give AIMS a call for a free estimate and start planning your office relocation.

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Below is a relocation checklist to get you started in the right direction.

Office Relocation Checklist

4 To 6 Months Before Moving Day

  • create a master checklist of tasks
  • choose a move coordinator
  • choose a real estate broker
  • meet with the building manager
  • decide on the layout of the new location
  • set your moving budget
  • choose the move day
  • communicate general moving plans to employees
  • identify major tenant improvement needs
  • start choosing contractors
  • obtain necessary permits
  • order new phone and fax numbers

At Least 2 To 4 Months Before Moving Day

  • hire movers
  • order signage for new location
  • hire commercial cleaning service
  • order change of address labels
  • order Internet access
  • evaluate and upgrade your phone system
  • order additional phone lines
  • order long distance or VoIP service
  • evaluate server room needs
  • design office space and layout
  • order systems furniture, desks, and chairs

Between 1 And 2 Months Before Moving Day

  • assign office space to employees
  • get rid of the junk and clear out the clutter
  • send change of address to vendors and customers
  • update your web site
  • get insurance quotes for new space
  • arrange for copier move or buy new equipment
  • order monitored alarm system and closed circuit TV
  • order keys and access cards
  • arrange for office coffee service
  • order vending machines
  • order checks and update financial records
  • build out new office

Month Before Moving Day

  • inventory existing computers
  • inventory and tag existing furniture
  • store property that will not be moved
  • obtain moving crates and cartons
  • pack up common area
  • stag all wall items and move to central location
  • install systems furniture
  • install phone system
  • assign new phone numbers, extensions
  • order utilities
  • notify Post Office of change of address
  • order new stationery

One Week Before Moving Day

  • map out the new location
  • pack up desks, personal spaces
  • take down systems furniture
  • label all packed items according to new location
  • back up computersempty, defrost, and clean refrigerator
  • inspect the new buildingreserve freight elevators and loading docks
  • distribute new keys, cardsdont schedule important client meetings and new hires
  • contact clients and warn them you may be unavailable at times
  • finish any last-minute tasks
  • assign staff to help guide movers to the right spots and provide oversight

The Day Of The Move

  • keep most employees out of both offices
  • provide food for the movers and staff who are helping
  • post coded signs in new office for moversprotect main moving pathsmove plants
  • set up a “Lost and Found”clean out old officecollect old keys, cardsre-hang office art
  • have a welcome breakfast on the first work day in the new space

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