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Kimball Xsite Installation

We recently installed Kimball Xsite cubicles for a military base. Xsite is a frame and tile system that lets you create a workspace where both independence and interaction are supported. With components that can easily be configured to fit your current workforce and office layout, Xsite can just as easily be reconfigured to accommodate future changes.

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OFS Furniture Install

AIMS completed an OFS product install for a Norfolk office yesterday.  If you need any of our services, please call (757) 855-2400.

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We’ll Steam Clean Your Cubicles

Steam cleaning your office cubicles is a good healthy practice. Cubicle walls exteriors are upholstered with fabric.  These fabric walls tend to be covered with dust and grime. Employees spending 8 hours a day at their workstations breathing in the accumulated dust. The dust can contribute to allergies and lead to poor employee health.  Less […]

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How Dirty is Your Office?

Below is a great article with six tips on keeping your office clean.  Accurate Installations and Moving Services is a full service commercial furniture operation.  While our focus is on commercial moving we also offer a cubicle upholstery cleaning.  With state of the art cleaning machines and supplies, Accurate can prolong the life of your […]

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