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Is your office space becoming too small for your company? Do your employees need office space guidelines? An office cubicle reconfiguration may be the solution. By rearranging the office cubicle layout, you can create more space within the office space.


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Hampton Roads Office Cubicle Reconfiguration

The demand for modern office space is increasing daily and the demands for office spaces are changing. More and more companies are deciding to downsize their offices. This has created a need for flexible offices that can be quickly reconfigured to meet changing needs. A properly configured office space is a happy office. Functional and well designed, it facilitates communications, allows employees to work effectively, quiets distractions, promotes collaboration, and creates a space that attracts and retains the best employees. If your office is in need of cubical reconfiguration, Accurate Installations & Moving Services has 28+ years with most cubicle manufacturers.

At Accurate Installations & Moving Services we have extensive experience with all types of workstations and systems furniture as well as years of experience with office moves and reconfigurations. We help our customers find the right product, generate layouts, manage production scheduling, coordinate deliveries, and oversee installations.

We Can Help You Reconfigure Your Office Cubicle

Retrofitting your current office cubicles for improved functionality, productivity, and employee satisfaction doesn’t just require time or money, it takes a certain skill set that most companies don’t have. That’s where Accurate Installations & Moving Services can help. We have been providing office cubicle reconfiguration services, furniture placement solutions, and office move-out services for more than 28 years.

No.  We assemble, reconfigure, install, and/or move what you currently have in your space or what you have ordered for a project.  AIMS has installed every major product line of every major manufacturer and most minor lines as well.  We have relationships with most dealers and several companies offering refurbished product.

AIMS is fully insured, including general liability, property, vehicle, and workers’ compensation.

AIMS accepts all major credit cards.

We try to be as prompt as possible.

AIMS is one of the pioneers in the furniture installation business.  We have over 27 years of experience in installing projects for companies in Hampton Roads, as well as other parts of Virginia and North Carolina.  We have the largest fleet of office moving equipment in the Hampton Roads area.  Your customer service experience with us will be superior to what you may have experienced with other companies.

Hire Accurate Installations & Moving Services To Help Reconfigure Your Cubicles

Cubicles. They take up space, they double as storage and they divide office space. But they are absolutely necessary for many businesses. Wherever possible, people prefer working in an open-plan environment. However, not everyone can handle the noise, distractions, and constant interruptions that an open office environment can entail, so cubicles have become the go-to solution.

How do you choose the right cubicle size? Cubicles come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and configurations. Choosing the right one for your business can be a challenge. Let Accurate Installations & Moving Services take on the challenge of configuring and reconfiguring your office cubicles.


We Offer The Following Services In Hampton Roads and The Surrounding Areas

Help Find The Right Product

Generate Layouts

Manage Production Scheduling

Cubicle Reconfiguration

Coordinate Deliveries

Oversee Installations

Accurate Installations and Moving Services is dedicated to performing with experience, quality, and integrity. You can count on our 28+ years in the installation and moving industry.


Our large fleet of quality material handling equipment is able to accommodate any size or multiple moves or installations. We are cost effective, efficient, and aim to be the best value in Hampton Roads.