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Accurate Installations & Moving Services can install and or relocate all file storage systems. Our experienced installers will install or relocate your file storage project in a professional and timely manner, no matter where the project is located.


We take your privacy seriously. We will not sell or misuse your personal information. Your information will only be used to respond to your inquiries and update you about our service(s).

Hampton Roads Commercial File Relocation Services

With the largest fleet of panel carts, 4 wheel dollies and moving service equipment in the Hampton Roads area, Accurate Installations & Moving Services is your best bet for your file relocation. We understand the importance and safety of your files, which is why AIMS is used time and time again for secure file relocation. We have the experience and capability to relocate any size file system. From loading and unloading the files in perfect order, to moving and re-installing the actual file shelving, AIMS will make you comfortable knowing you and your files are in safe hands.

We Provide Filing System Installation Services

We can also install any filing system. Whether it be stationary or mobile, AIMS has the experience and capability to get your project done in a timely manner. (Pictured – Direct Line Tri-file system)

If you are looking for a professional file system installer for your business, look no further. At Accurate Installations & Moving Services, we provide filing system installation services for businesses in a variety of industries. Whether you are a small business, large corporation, or government entity, we can meet all of your filing system installation needs.

No.  We assemble, reconfigure, install, and/or move what you currently have in your space or what you have ordered for a project.  AIMS has installed every major product line of every major manufacturer and most minor lines as well.  We have relationships with most dealers and several companies offering refurbished product.

AIMS is fully insured, including general liability, property, vehicle, and workers’ compensation.

AIMS accepts all major credit cards.

We try to be as prompt as possible.

AIMS is one of the pioneers in the furniture installation business.  We have over 27 years of experience in installing projects for companies in Hampton Roads, as well as other parts of Virginia and North Carolina.  We have the largest fleet of office moving equipment in the Hampton Roads area.  Your customer service experience with us will be superior to what you may have experienced with other companies.

The Benefits Of A Filing System

In today’s fast paced world, we are bombarded with tons of documents on a daily basis. As a result, we no longer remember where everything is located in our home or office. Paper records take up a lot of space and can be messy and disorganized. So what’s the solution? How to store and organize all your documents while keeping them both safe and easily accessible at the same time. The answer is an office filing system.

Organization is the key to a successful business. A disorganized office can hinder productivity, waste time and focus on the wrong things. The benefits of a filing system installation service helps the system run smoothly and keep your office running smoothly.


We Offer The Following Services In Hampton Roads and The Surrounding Areas

Help Find The Right Product

Generate Layouts

Manage Production Scheduling

Coordinate Deliveries

Oversee Installations

File Relocation

Accurate Installations and Moving Services is dedicated to performing with experience, quality, and integrity. You can count on our 28+ years in the installation and moving industry.


Our large fleet of quality material handling equipment is able to accommodate any size or multiple moves or installations. We are cost effective, efficient and aim to be the best value in Hampton Roads.